Reflections of an Older Woman

I guess I should start by introducing myself.  My name is Elsie and I am 61 years old.  It still surprises me that I am that old, because like most people, it snuck up on me .  Sometimes I stand in front of a mirror and say it to myself and then think  Holy Crap! How did that happen?

I am a New Jersey Yankee, living on a lake in Alabama.  I’m “not from around here”, I am not related to anyone that anyone knows, no grandchildren, no church affliations.  In other words, I don’t exist.  And at my age, as every woman who is over the age of 50 knows, I am invisible.  I don’t fit into anyone’s demographic except those of the drug companies and AARP.

Once, I was hard-charging career woman.  A career civil servant in Washington D.C.  Pearls of wisdom dropped from my mouth and people took me seriously.  I worked 14 hour days and had an electronic leash and was tired all the time.  Then in 2006 I was offered a chance to escape the rat race and I took it.  I spent almost 2 years overseeing the building of the house that now my home, much to the chagrin of the builder, who had never encountered a career woman, much less one from NJ!  And then I spent another year having a boat house and a garage built and another 6 months having my terrifying landscape fixed before, as the landscaper told me, my house and it’s property ended up in the lake.  And then one day, I woke up and it was all done and asked myself what now?  What indeed?

So now I paint (there will be more on this in the future), I read books, I cook and I spend my day letting my three dogs in and out.  Oh yes, and there is a husband too.  One with a severe hearing loss – and my first reflection is this:  by the time you repeat some quip you made by the third time, it is no longer amusing and you cannot keep the edge out of your voice.

So until next time – Elsie




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