Daily Prompt: Stylish

via Daily Prompt: Stylish

I have noticed a lot of articles that focus on what older women should not do, if they want to remain stylish.  I find these very curious, and wonder who thinks about this enough to come up with a list.  I imagine some young writer  expressing their wisdom, and I expect most of these writers live in New York City. at what she sees around her.

Yesterday, I read one of these lists that will keep me from looking 10 years older.  First of all, I am “older”, so that immediately made me wonder what I shouldn’t be doing  to keep from looking 71.  I guess it has to be said, that if one is looking at this kind of list at my age, there is probably no hope for one.  If you don’t know your style by that time, a list isn’t likely going to help you.

One of the items on the list was don’t wear black.  Really?  I happen to like black; it goes with my skin tone and my silvery hair.  Another “rule” was that I should be wearing pattern on pattern.  I have to say that the picture that was posted, did not make me want to do this.  A young woman dressed in an ugly pattern on pattern outfit is not going to change my mind. Then there are the articles that say after a certain age, a woman should wear whatever she wants. While that sounds good, it violates my philosophy of “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”  There was a fad a few years ago of gym wear with “Juicy” written across the ass.  So cute on a 20 year old, but not so cute on butt where gravity and a lot of sitting has taken it’s toll.  Or if  your T-shirt is tight across your chest, and gravity has had it’s way with you, it’s not a good thing.  But beyond common sense (and a caring what you are putting out there for everyone to see), I don’t see why you need to follow someone else’s rules.

Another list had to do with make up for older women. This author was promoting almost no make up for older women.  I think most people would agree that sparkly blue eye shadow should not be worn by anyone over the age 25.  And those cat eye liners – after a certain age, your cat eye liner will be dressing your crows feet.  But to say that older women should wear virtually no make up?   Does this woman ever look at herself in a mirror when she gets up in the morning?  There is no way that I am venturing beyond my yard with no make up.  I don’t wear a lot of make up, but I do wear eyeshadow (taupe), eye liner (at the very base of my lashes), mascara, brow pencil, blush and lipstick.  There are very significant reasons why I wear each item.  I’m not giving them up.

A list that might be helpful would be one that encourages everyone to wear the proper support garments, like Spanx or Yummy Tummy.  Or the use of a scarf to hide your sagging chin.  There are always articles about surgical and non-surgical anti-aging procedures, but I notice no one every publishes a list of places that will lend you money to have these.  Last time I had a little botox and a little filler it was over $900.  Being stylish is expensive.

My advice is when you see a list of fashion mistakes, make up mistakes, or directives telling you what to do and not do, just pass it by.  Remind yourself that these lists are written by 20-somethings, fresh out of college at their  first writing or fashion job and bare no resemblance to anything that makes sense about being stylish at a certain age.  And by the way, there is an interesting blog called just that “Stylishatacertainage.com”


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