Daily Prompt: Facade

via Daily Prompt: Facade

I once worked with a woman who used to tell me about her wonderful life.  That she and her husband were deeply in love and raising twins.  That they were restoring an old Victorian in a very chic part of town.  That they had married for love, after he had been divorced for a number of years. That she was just coming into the workforce again, now that the kids were in school.  Everything in her life was blissful and everyone was so happy.

A year later, I was sharing an office with this woman’s husband.  Before my arrival, he always kept the blinds closed because he was hung over.  He took his briefcase with him every day to lunch, and would come back sleepy and smelling of alcohol.  He said that he was still married when he met her,  and his 1st wife was pregnant.  He told his first wife he wanted a divorce immediately after she gave birth.  And he was proud that he flew below the radar and never paid child support.  That he undertook the relationship with wife two, who was working in a Senator’s office, because he thought she had money.  That he had no health insurance when the twins were born, and when the hospital insisted that he made arrangements for payment before discharging wife 2 from the hospital, he told them to keep her and keep the babies, because he had no money.   That the Victorian house was falling apart because there was no money to fix it up.  One day he showed up at work with a deep cut across his face.  He said that he had been teaching a woman to play pool and her boyfriend took exception.

Funny how different their stories were about the same marriage.  She was busy maintaining the façade of a happy family, and he, knowing that I knew his wife, was probably hoping I would tell her what he told me and she would divorce him.

Funny how everyone’s life seems so perfect until you look behind the façade.

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