Daily Prompt: Primp

via Daily Prompt: Primp

Primp is such an old fashioned word.  It reminds me of women pinching their cheeks and lips to make them pink.  It also reminds me of women with vanities taking an hour to do their make up, while men sat impatiently checking their watches, wondering how much woman would take to get ready.

Now, women don’t wear much make up.  A bit of BB cream, a swipe of lipstick and these tight fleshed young woman are ready to go.  A fresh face and a tight jawline does not require much primping.

Now that I am an older woman, all my primping takes place with skin care products morning and night.  My glycolic acid face wash in the morning, followed by sun block, moisturizer, eye cream, and a swipe of eye lash preteat.  I’m lucky I have fairly good skin, so I may also swipe on some BB cream, a quick coat of mascara and some lipstick. This takes less than 5 minutes.  Of course there are times that require a bit more, so there is blush and eye liner and eye shadow.  At night, it will be make up removal, oil cleansing and a light application of my retinol cream. Sometimes some night cream.

I’m sure that there are women spending a lot more time. Woman that can create a smokey eye, and lashes and contours.  The look great, but I don’t want to spend that much time and effort.  And at my age, there is a very real possibility that I could end up looking like a crone, as I did one day when a young woman in a department store thought she could help me with some new products.  I took one look in the mirror and was horrified!  Caked on make up, in every line on my face.  I managed to choke out some thanks, and took off for  the ladies room, for repair.  I was terrified to think that someone would believe that I actually meant to look like that.  I know the tight skinned young lady didn’t mean to make me a hag, but I looked like Maggie Smith in one our her dowager roles.

The most primping I do now if with procedures at the dermatology spa, but that is the topic for another blog.




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