New Years

The New Year has arrived in Eastern Standard Time and I watched the ball drop in Times Square. But I am in Central Time, so I have to wait an hour before it is New Year here.  To me, the New Year will always be on East Coast time.  I’m an East Coast girl at heart.

Most of today, I have watched college football to see my beloved University of Alabama win their playoff game, and then to watch to see what team will be playing them for the National Championship. As it turns out, it will be Clemson, so you know I will be glued to the TV on January 9th.  I know a lot of people don’t appreciate college football, thinking that too much is made of it.  But in Alabama, football is like religion.  It’s also conversational currency, which is good for me, since I don’t know anyone everyone else knows, and I’m not related to anyone, so it’s not likely I am anyone’s kin.

2016 has been an odd year for me.  For several months, I fought a recurrence of depression that involved me finding a new doctor who put me on an additional medicine.  I’ve had on on-going back and knee issue since October, but this week it has felt better.  I had sadness, most notably the sudden loss of our German Short-haired Pointer in July.  He will always  have a place in my heart.  But we have the addition of Parker, our Blue Tick Coonhound. He and Tallulah, our Walker Coonhound have become great friends and hunting partners.  Talu had gotten rather lethargic before he came, but she’s back to her normal cheeky self. Lady gets into the act with hunting too, but her real love is hanging out with me.  All of my dogs are rescues, and I feel blessed to give them a good home.

Lamar and I had travels this year that we enjoyed. We went to a number of antique clock conventions, visited a friend in Sarasota, visited Louisville, and spent some time in New Orleans.  We both love New Orleans for the food, for a particular auction house, and for the weirdness of it all. We will likely make more trips this year.  We always do road trips, because we don’t like to fly.

I don’t make resolutions for the New Year. All I can hope for is to be my best self as often as possible; to be a better friend; to be a point of light for the people I come in contact with on a day to day basis.  To remember that everyone is struggling with something and it may be overwhelming them, so to tread carefully in my dealings not to make their day worse.

To all of my friends and followers, I hope 2017 is gentle with you.  Love you all.  Elsie







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