Reflections on January

If I had to pick a word to describe January for me, it would be “comfort”.   Something in my soul wants to pull back from the world,  and make myself comfortable.  I am perfectly happy to stay home in my yoga pants and t-shirt and read.  I find myself staying up a bit later and sleeping longer in the morning.  I appreciate my comforter, and am happy when the dogs cuddle into me on these lazy morning.  And, I think how much I love being retired and able now to do this.

I will spend my time thinking about projects that I want to do – update the guest room, clean out the cabinets, organize the loft.  I find myself studying the design magazines, looking at my decorating books, trying to find the right mood.  Right now, I don’t want to act on any of it, but I just want to think about it.

One of the things I love about January here in Alabama is the occasional 70 degree day.  This past week we had both freezing temperatures and Spring-like temperatures in the same week.  If we get more than a few days, it can be disasterous for the plants, as they get lured into a false sense of impending Spring and then shocks if the temperature drops back sharply.

I don’t want to shop in January.  I’m pretty satisfied to wear the clothing and shoes that I bought in anticipation of cooler weather (you remember, those days that were so hot and humid).  Catalogs continue to arrive showing resort wear, but since I have no need to hit the resorts, it is lost on me.  (Besides doesn’t bathing suit shop suck enough once a year?) I am tempted by those lovely linen catalogs, but the truth is that I am a woman who sleeps with dogs, and dogs do not go with lovely linens – they go with linens purchased at Costco, that can stand up to multiple washings.  My washer will not hold my king-sized quilt, so when it gets dirty, my cleaning lady is nice enough to take it and do it in her washer.

I remember when I was working, January seemed like such a long month.  It was awful, because all those  bosses who had been off during Christmas must have spent all their time coming up with lists of things that needed to be done immediately, if not sooner.  It always seemed to me that January should be for reflecting and developing new goals, not running around trying to do a thousand meaningless tasks, that won’t like go anywhere.  Now that I am retired, I can ease into January thinking my thoughts and making my plans.

Soon it will be February and my husband will begin telling me that Spring is almost here.  He’s wrong, of course – because I can feel Spring in the air and that happens in March.  But, the other day, I saw Burpee seeds in a rack in the grocery store, so someone is plant dreaming.  I’m not a gardener, but it is still a sign of hope

Until next time,   Elsie






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