More Odds and Ends

I’ve been having a fibro flare, so I have time to do some more observing.

I’ve been watching the news more.  People are brutal to each other.  I once read an article by a marriage counselor who said the way he knew if a couple  would mend was the presence or absence of contempt.  If we apply that thought to the current situation, I see a lot of contempt and it makes me wonder if our country will mend or if it will divorce.

I watch President Trump and I see how anxious he is to be liked.  To be accepted as popular and admired.  I wonder what has caused this.  Did he sit on the gym floor and be the last one selected for the teams?  Were his parents very critical?  Was he bullied?  One would think that being so successful and wealthy would help him overcome that, but it hasn’t seemed to.  I watch him and I can tell he doesn’t enjoy social situations.  It doesn’t matter whether I agree with his politics or not, but I feel a certain amount of connection.  I was once that kid sitting on the floor getting picked last for teams, and being bullied.  It leaves its scars.  In my case, it made me more indifferent to people’s opinions of me, but we each are different as to how those experiences affect us for years after.  In his case, while it appears that he acts like he doesn’t care, in fact, he cares very much. Politics is not a good career choice for him.

Parker, our Blue Tick Coonhound, is not much of a hunter.  He seems to be a good tracker, which is why he goes for miles with his nose down.  This morning I had to go drive out to find him and he was about 3 miles from home.  He lost his Garmin collar that tracks his movements and I haven’t yet ordered a new one.  He is an odd dog, and we haven’t found anything he doesn’t like to eat.  Last night he was begging my husband for Brussels Sprouts.  I can’t stand those nasty little cabbages, but my husband and my dog are big fans.  Parker will magically appear in the kitchen whenever I go in there.  He watches the whole cooking process closely, as though he will be called upon to cook dinner some night.  Perhaps he was a chef in a previous life?  And he is addicted to whipped cream.  Starbucks offers a free cup of whipped cream for dogs.  He sometimes decides to place his own order and barks into the little order box.  It seems to shake up the order taker.  And when we get to the window, he is standing on the console in the car, impatiently waiting.  In fact, if they aren’t quick about it, he starts barking his encouragement.  It’s been a joy to watch him grow from a distrustful, sick dog into a healthy, trusting goofball who sometimes ends up far from home.

I am observing that on social media, posts are either positive – be kind, be nice, try to get along; or they are negative – Trump is ruining the country, he isn’t my President, and he should be impeached (in his second week?) and oh-by-the-way, I hate you.  I look for the posts for the groups I belong to: Treeing Walker Coonhounds, Blue Tick Coonhounds and Cats.  Dogs and cats are not political and their complaints generally run to their food or being allowed to sleep where they want.  They don’t watch the news, don’t read the newspapers and they generally expect their lives will go on no matter which party is in power.  And their owners post cute pictures.

I see a lot of red tailed Hawks.  They hang out on the power lines.  I like to see them, and I try to forget the reason they are sitting there – looking for an unsuspecting field mouse, a squirrel or chipmunk.  I put out a bit of bird seed on the porch rail the other day, and as I went to pull  into the carport, a hawk was winging it’s way out of there.  I tried not to think what he was doing, but instead admired his wingspan and his colors.  One time my husband pointed out to me the mocking birds and how they rule their area.  Now I can’t help but notice them every where we go.  They are mostly in town, carefully sitting in a hedge or a tree and fiercely guarding their turf.  It seems that every store or business has their resident mockingbird.  I watched one day, sitting in a Starbucks parking lot, as a single mocking bird took on a flock of small black birds (Starlings?), chasing them out of his area.  Feisty birds.  I see a lot of cardinals, so red against the colorless bushes this time of year.  The two birds I would like to see are Blue Buntings (iridescent  blue) and the state bird Yellow Hammer.  I think the reason I don’t see a lot of Buntings is that they prefer the open spaces of fields.  I read an article that the Yellow Hammers are so rare, no one really understands why they are the state bird.

This afternoon, I saw a herd of 5 deer.  They are dark this time of year, so if they are against the trees and still, I almost can’t see them.  But these 5 were yearlings and they immediately leapt into the woods.  The other day, I saw a magnificent buck, crossing the street from my neighbors house.  No doubt he was drinking from the lake and eating her plants that aren’t deer resistant.  We don’t have a problem with deer,  given our 3 dogs.  Tallulah dispatched a raccoon the other day.  She had no interest once it was dead, but Parker grabbed it up and paraded it around the yard, as proudly as if he had dispatched it.  No one tried to bring it in, and I was pretty happy about that.

The other day in Whole Foods, I bought a bunch of tightly budded Pussy Willows.  I brought them home, put them in a large vase and today I notice that they are all bloomed out.  I love pussy willows as they remind me of the pussy willow that was in my grandmother’s yard and we used to cut branches for the house.  I don’t know how they got their name, but those soft furry buds do remind me of cat’s fur.

Until next time, Elsie










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