The other day, I was in Pier 1, and they were displaying Valentine’s Day decorations.  They were all pink and red, some lacy, some plain, but I realized the ones I was most attracted to were sparkly.  They glittered in a tacky, glitzy way that immediately makes me think of New Orleans Mardi Gras or Las Vegas.  The one I liked best was red and for me, everything else dimmed in comparison.

What it is about women and glitter?  A friend who teaches art and used to host a lot of paint parties says that women change around glitter.  They get excited and can’t wait to add it to their artwork.  I did a large painting to which I added glitter – fine glitter with a coppery glow.  It probably is not the best piece of artwork I have ever done, but it fun.  I have another friend who does fancy shoes for Mardi Gras, and she says her dream is to open a glitter store.

Is there something about winter that causes us to long for something bright and shiny?  Or it is because of winter – the way the snow sparkles in the sun, or the way ice looks on the branches of a tree, when the sun shines through it.  Here in the South, where I live, we don’t get much of either.  So maybe that is the attraction too – that glitter makes things shimmery in an otherwise dull landscape.

For a while last year, I played around with clay.  I actually replicated branches of trees.  I was I was pleased with the outcome, but then thought about adding white glitter for winter.  So I had to go shopping.  Have you ever been in the glitter aisle of the craft store?  It’s overwhelming!  First there are all those colors – and then the textures – fine, medium, large.  It’s so hard to decide.  But, in my normal way, I just bought some of all of it.  It worked out wonderfully on my clay branch, but then there were other problems.

Glitter on my hands, bits of glitter on my face, my collarbone, and all over my clothes.  I think there was even glitter on the dogs.  Have you ever tried to remove that stuff?  I no more would get it off one place and it seemed like it would just migrate somewhere else.  I was thinking about this as I watched Lady Gaga’s half time show and wondered how she would get that stuff off her face.  Even when you give up, the people around you will see it in your hair and of course, they need to tell you about it, as well as that speck on your upper lip.  My husband complained about the glitter on the dogs, but I actually think they looked glamorous.

When I did my big painting with the copper glitter, I went into it knowing it would be difficult.  I thought I solved the problem with the spray adhesive, but no, the glitter had other ideas.  Pretty soon it was on the floor, then on my shoes (and everyone else’s too).  it did not behave in the controlled manner – it had other ideas.  I could only hope that it wouldn’t migrate onto any one else’s artwork and I kept stealing glances and hoping I wouldn’t see telltale spots of shine.  Of course I was wearing it and I think it took me a week to get it all off.  Talu didn’t look so bad with glittery spots on her head.  Maybe they need to develop a particular kind of  protective gear for working with the stuff.

But now it is February and I’m wondering about painting a heart painting and maybe glitzing it up a bit or maybe I should just go to Pier 1 and buy one that is already done. Besides, it would be hard to deny pink and red glitter on the dogs.

Until next time, Elsie









One thought on “Glitter

  1. Hi Tootsie. I’m reaching out again because I was very happy when you contacted me. Then you disappeared. I texted you a few times but I never heard back.
    So I’m trying again. I would so love to have a conversation with you.


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