The Virus

I’m staying at home and self isolating with my husband, my dogs and my cat.  It isn’t a huge burden, because we are retired and don’t run around a lot anyway.  This morning I was watching the bird feeder and a black bird arrived and I found myself singing the Beatles tune “Blackbird” and then wondered if I am losing it.  I don’t have anywhere I want to go especially, but knowing that I have to stay home fills my head with all the things I could do (not that I would).

Last night I was reflecting on the staples of our life now – hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes and disinfecting spray.  I have always had these things on hand – the hand sanitizer for pumping gas; the disinfecting wipes to clean the counters, and the Lysol spray because I have 4 animals in the house and sometimes things get stinky.  I never used to think about these things, but now that they are hard to find and so critical to our health, I doubt I will ever look at them the same way, even when they go back to being plentiful.

Before now I have never really thought much about social distancing in the grocery store.  It’s practically impossible because the aisles are not wide enough.  I find myself holding my breath when anyone passes close to me, even though I know this really won’t do any good.  When I check out, I am about a foot from the cashier, but I can’t hold my breath that long.  They aren’t wiping down the belts between customers, nor are they using hand sanitizer.  And then there are those germy keys on the credit card machine.  They say the virus lives on plastic, so even my re-useable bags are potentially bearers of viral death.  I don’t even want to bring them in the house.  And the things I order from Amazon could quite kill me, because the virus can live on cardboard.

It was bad enough when people were hoarding the sanitizing stuff and toilet tissue, but now they are hoarding bread, meat, chicken and eggs.  I am waiting for the day when people have all of their available storage and freezer space taken up by what they have hoarded.  Surely they will run out of space at some point.  Or will we see “rent a freezer” options spring up, like those storage units – and will storage units be rented out to store non-perishable items?

It’s no joke about people getting sick.  Our governor has not seen fit to lock down our state and the number of cases has tripled.  Now things are always slow to get to the South, be it fashion or slang, and we are certainly behind a lot of places in the number of cases.  That may be a blessing, but unless people start taking it seriously, that number will increase.  It may be harder for Southerners than other people, because Southerners like to talk to their friends or just about anyone.  They like to hug and they like to shake hands.  They like to visit and pass the time.  It’s hard for Southerners to look at other people are potential carriers of sickness and death, although they do make an exception for Yankees, like myself.

We all tell each other that this too shall pass, because it has to.  The question  is what kind of country will we have once it does?


Until next time, Elsie

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