Life in the Time of Virus Part 1

Today I am both mad as hell and also feeling a bit overwhelmed.  The number of confirmed cases of virus continues to climb in our county, yet I went to the grocery this morning to find people with no masks – both customers and store employees.  I’m feeling overwhelmed because the store looked like a plague of locusts had been there and scarfed down everything in the store.    I was in my mask and my gloves.

I really don’t understand people here.  The governor did not issue a stay at home order until the end of March and then she exempted almost every activity.  Even at that point, my observation was that people were acting like the virus had nothing to do with them.  The town council continued to hold weekly meetings.  People were shopping for clothes and meandering around Walmart.  Certainly no one was concerning themselves with maks or gloves.

The stores ran out of hand sanitizer first, followed quickly by paper products.  Now I can’t even find hand soap.  The stores have no canned or frozen vegetables, sometimes there is no chicken, and as of this morning, there was no produce except a few things here and there.  Yet, on the White House COVID briefing last night, they said that the food chain is secure and there is plenty of food.  I wonder where they are hiding it?  It certainly wasn’t at the Winn Dixie in town or the Publix in Montgomery.

Tuesday, I was out of corn starch.  I went to the Publix in Montgomery and all they had were a few small cans.  So when I went to the Winn Dixie today and found the large containers that I usually buy, I bought 2.  That’s what leads to food hoarding – I tend to overbuy when I see something I use, because I worry it won’t be there when I need it again.  It appears that milk and milk products are also in short supply.  Is this because the farmers are dumping milk?   So again, when I found 2 containers of fat free milk, I bought both, but really only needed one.

I’m not a hoarder by nature.  It surprises me to see that all of my freezers are filled with food.  My grandmother raised a family through the depression, so I know how to create meals with cheap cuts of meat and pantry items.  Funny, I don’t remember her actually teaching me this, but then I have seen her feed a lot of people with just what happened to be in her pantry.   Right now, my pantry is full, but then I tend to buy quite a bit under normal circumsances to have on hand.  Sometimes living in a rural area that is a ways out of town makes you think ahead.

I notice that the price of groceries is going up every week.  It makes me wonder if it is a matter of supply and demand, or just that the grocery stores, that normally operate on a slim profit margin are taking advantage.  If not the store that are taking advantage, then perhaps the suppliers are.  But there will come a point, with so many people out of work that people won’t be able to buy anymore, and the suppliers may find themselves with product they can’t sell.

Last night I felt really overwhelmed.  I couldn’t find any masks to buy and my current N-95 is getting messy.  My dog seemed like she wasn’t feeling well, and I started to panic about that.  She is afraid of the vet and will not do anything they want her to do, unless I accompany her.  I had visions of having to drop her off to get Xrays and her being afraid, because our vet is only offering curb service.  The news was talking about having to deal with the virus not only for the remainder of this year but into 2021.  I’ve already watched our investments fall and I have thanked God that we don’t need them to live on, at least not yet.  I find that with too much time on my hands, I worry about things that I cannot control.  Even though I know better, my mind just goes there.

With the sunshine this morning, I am able to push away all the negative thoughts.  I won’t turn on the news, because it is the source for anxiety.  I’ll be like Scarlett O’Hara, and think about it all tomorrow.

Until next time, Elsie



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